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Published: 27 June 2021

Client’s Brief Guardian Life Insurance Limited hired Beatnik Technology Ltd. to design the user experience and develop the mobile app(both Android and iOS app) for their first insurance product named EasyLife. This app is the first of its kind in Bangladesh. Key Challenges Insurance Aversion In the Bangladeshi market, insurance products are often avoided by the general public. The common consensus is that insurance products cause unwanted expenses. As a result, people do not actively seek insurance solutions and only subscribe when it is absolutely necessary. Financial Apps In the Bangladeshi market, there is a myriad of financial apps including bank account management apps and digital payment solutions. Most smartphone users are engaged with at least one or more financial apps.

As a result, getting them to try out a new insurance app has been quite challenging. Govt. Regulations Bangladesh Bank, the central regulatory bank requires a lot of customer information through a long-form known as KYC form (Know Your Customer). Filling up this information can become cumbersome for new customers and often results in churn in online conversions. The challenge has been to ease this process for the customers. Our Approach The first stage was to research user needs. For this, we researched many international competitors to understand the users’ satisfaction points. This stage also helped to gather the core information that helped us stand out in the crowd of many other financial apps.

The website’s frontend was developed using React.js and Vue.js. And for the backend, the Laravel (PHP framework) was used to ensure optimum security. Using this custom framework also opened the door for customization and flexibility, alongside ensuring superb loading speeds. Achieved Results Total Posts Views – 2925 (Jan – Feb 2020) Unique Visitors – 2285 (Jan – Feb 2020)

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