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Published: 27 June 2021

StudioX is a brand by Marico that is dedicated to men’s styling and grooming and its website is the first of its kind in Bangladesh. The website serves as the go-to place for all grooming and styling related information for men, hosting video and article content regarding skincare, haircare, beard, and current grooming trends. Additionally, the website displays the brand’s own line of products. We partnered up with Marico Bangladesh to design and develop this suave blog site. Our Approach Beatnik Technology designed and developed the UX and UI from scratch and also handled the backend development of the content platform. Its sophisticated user interface, simple and smooth navigation, rich color palette – everything together gives the user a polished experience.

The website’s frontend was developed using React.js and Vue.js. And for the backend, the Laravel (PHP framework) was used to ensure optimum security. Using this custom framework also opened the door for customization and flexibility, alongside ensuring superb loading speeds. Achieved Results Total Posts Views – 2925 (Jan – Feb 2020) Unique Visitors – 2285 (Jan – Feb 2020)

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