Creative and 3D Modeling Services Tailored To Your Needs

Beatnik was initiated as a creative agency, which means creative work is our forte. The secret behind our design success is nothing but keeping at par with design trends. Our visual artists and design engineers are constantly updating their knowledge with what works best tomorrow, because what works best today is already outdated!

What We Offer

3D Modeling

Develop realistic 3D models for 360 visualization of your products. The 3D assets we develop for you could be as simple as a chair or a bottle, or as complex as a sculpture or a dragon. Our 3D artists work one-on-one with start-ups for product visualization and development.

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3D Animation

Boost your brand with a 3D video that brings you closer to your clients. Be it an explainer video, a product installation and maintenance guide, or a promotional content, our 3D artists and animators collaborate to create outstanding animations for you.

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AR Filter

Amaze your audience with your own AR filters. Social media filters are the next big thing to capture the Gen Z and Gen Alpha audiences. We create custom Augmented Reality filters for Facebook Messenger, Snapchat and Instagram.


Brand Design

Differentiate your brand with a unique look. We provide you with a compact brand book that includes your colour schemes and designs for your logo, business card, letterhead, envelope, and everything you need designed to represent your brand.

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Social Media Contents

If you’re a small business, you don’t need a marketing agency to run your Google, Insta, or Facebook ad campaigns. Create innovative and attention-grabbing social media ads and contents with us, get free consultation from our marketing experts to become your own marketer and run your own ad campaigns.


Print Contents

We create professional printable contents with high graphics quality for magazines, banners, billboards and any other print media. We can deliver graphics design contents in hours. Once you work with us, we guarantee you won’t find satisfaction elsewhere!


Package Design

Don’t judge a book by its cover, but if the cover is ugly, you ain‘t buying that book! Our artists design innovative packaging that is easy to print and assemble, compact for transporting in bulk, and brings a smile to your audiences’ faces.

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