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Our development team is familiar with a wide range of coding languages. Continuous learning is our key to success. We can offer you competitive prices based on the quality of the products well develop for you. Our project delivery team, located in Halifax, Canada, can work around the clock to maintain our high benchmark for quality and to ensure timely delivery of your product.

What We Offer


A website is your virtual office or store. Visitors are walk-in customers that are either going to accept what you have to offer…or go to your competitor. How about a website that converts your visitors to actual leads? We will build you a website that portrays your hard work and your professionalism. Beatnik design engineers create an experience for your audience that entices them to consider you over your competitors.

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Be it Android or iOS, we develop apps for your business and optimize them in App Store and Google Play. Our app development projects are cross-functional, with multiple members involved from the business analysis, creative, and programming team to deliver your project in time.

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Widgets and Chatbots

We create chatbots for your websites and facebook pages that allow you to interact with multiple audiences at the same time. Chatbots become a necessity when your business is growing big. We also create custom widgets that can simplify your work processes in terms of lead management, project management, and operations management.

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Our development team creates software and applications from scratch, or if needed, implement them in your already-existing online platforms to create seamless experiences for your audiences. These include accounting software, project management tools, partner and client management software, and more or less any application that enhances the day-to-day experiences of your employees and your customers with your business.

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