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Beatnik was initiated as a creative agency, which means creative work is our forte. The secret behind our design success is nothing but keeping at par with design trends. Our visual artists and design engineers are constantly updating their knowledge with what works best tomorrow, because what works best today is already outdated!

What We Offer


Augmented reality and mixed reality enhance our experience with the real world by augmenting objects and information onto the real world through a screen or a wearable device. Think about pointing your phone’s camera to the empty corner of your living room, placing a 3D side table or a sculpture to see how it looks and feels, and walking around it as if it’s there. Or think about pointing your camera at a monument in your city and having fun infographics pop out from it. There are thousands of other marketing and operational applications for this technology.



Virtual reality is not for gaming only! Although it has already started to disrupt the gaming industry, VR is currently being implemented in healthcare, education, manufacturing, and multiple other sectors. In your industry, there may already be a VR application that can help you achieve operational excellence and enhance your customers’ experience.



The IoT, or Internet of Things, is a network of computers, devices, machines, objects, people, and things that can transfer data without any human interactions. Simply put, the IoT is the next industrial revolution. From smart homes to smart cities to smart healthcare systems, IoT has applications across all sectors. Let’s have a chat about how we can work together to lead your industry with IoT!

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