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902 Auto Sales

902 Auto Sales

Published: 27 June 2021

902 Auto Sales is a Used Car Dealership company located in Nova Scotia, Canada. The company has been playing a significant role in Nova Scotia’s automobile dealership industry. 902 wanted a rebranding of their brand persona including a new logo, fonts and brand colors, which would reflect their features and services.

As the client has a ‘Sage’ archetype, Beatnik Canada wanted to express our client’s wisdom and expertise in the related field while doing the task. That’s why we opted to give the brand a mature look rather than a youthful one. Besides, we wanted to bring a sophisticated feel in our client’s brand persona, since 902 Auto Sales has vast knowledge and experiences about the industry. On the other hand, to give the brand’s customers a fresh feeling about the brand, we wanted our client’s brand persona to be as modern as possible. Adding to that, as our client’s services try to ensure value for money for its customers, we wanted the brand persona to represent that as well. Hence, we avoided premium look and feel for the brand and settled for simpler and relatable looks instead.

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