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Published: 27 June 2021

‘Powering the Grid Edge Economy’ – SimpTek, our client with this beautiful motto is a software platform that delivers a customer-centric energy experience; steering its customers towards robust economic growth and long-term success in the Grid Edge Economy. Our client provides insights into building energy usage; identifying opportunities to reduce energy costs, reduce carbon emissions and improve the valuation of your building. The primary goal of our solution is to reduce the cost and complexity of providing good energy guidance. Simptek is a prominent company located in Fredericton, Canada.

Simptek wanted us on board to develop their website which would express their services and brand persona. But this time, there were new challenges in front of us. Our client provided us all the designs including color palettes and we had to turn these assets into a website. We had to convert the designs into CSS grid and optimized all the different screens available. The optimization process was really crucial to get a fast responding website. So we put our hearts into every step to develop the website including the CSS grid conversion and screen optimization.

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