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Spandrel Interactive

Published: 27 June 2021

Spandrel Interactive

  • Developing 3D model of a hospital bed
  • Add texture and rigging
  • Deploy a .fbx file

The client required us to design a 3D model of a hospital bed, with hyper-realistic textures and movement animations. We were given the texture, a reference 3D model, some documentations, and a reference video. Since the model is to be used in a virtual reality environment, our main challenge was to reduce the vertex of the 3D model as far as possible for better performance. Another challenge was to ensure accurate dimensions and sizes as per the document.

We completed the project in two weeks as we promised, with the final delivery of a .fbx file of the bed, textures, and animations. We used Blender for development and rigging. Tinypng was used to reduce the texture size.

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